Barbed Arrowhead Woven Sash   8509

General Description:
This 5 inch wide and approximately 87 inch long machine woven sash with 10 inch long fringe is worn by both men and women dressed in their styles. The background color is black and the overlapping French Canadian barbed arrowhead pattern includes a rainbow of red, orange, yellow, white, royal blue, and green. Enough colors to match into many dance clothing color patterns. In fingerweaving patterns, when the arrow shape was repeated in a tight overlapping pattern it was referred to as a barbed pattern. This machine woven process and the strength of the cloth threads allows for a very tight repeated arrowhead barbed design. Made of rayon, acrylic, polyester threads and is hand washable.

Barbed Arrowhead Woven Sash
Size: 5 inch W x 87 inches L
Per each /$39.95