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Your source of quality Native American Indian crafts, craft supplies and craft kits. In this way you are shopping and browsing the materials and information we have here in our brick and mortar store in Escanaba, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan’s Little Bay de Noc. Our focus have always included; beads and beading supplies, jewelry making findings and tools, materials for powwow dance clothing like leather, feathers, bone and horn hairpipe, fabrics, patterns, instructional books, and Native American style musical instruments like drum, rattle, and flute kits. There are more and we continue to add new interesting items each year.

Unfortunately in this worldwide market, supplies of some materials get interrupted. If an item you order is not currently available, your credit card will only be charged for what is shipped. See "About the Shipping Process" for more information about our shipping procedures.

For over 30 years our goal has been to serve the material and information needs of individuals, families, and teachers who are active in Native American cultures as crafters and dancers. We believe that crafts and outfits that look good start with quality craft supplies. Check out all of the departments of our On-Line Store.

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Beads- Seed & Bugle
Opaque Seed Beads
Transparent Seed Beads
Special Finish Seed Beads
Metallic Glass Seed Beads
Silver Lined Rocaille
Chinese Glass Seed Beads
Delica Size 11
Three Cut Seed Beads
Charlotte Cuts Size 13
Bugle Beads
Pony Beads

Beads- Large Stringing
Crow Beads
Trade Beads
Faceted Fire Polish
Cube Sead Beads
Spaghetti Beads
Acrylic Barrel Beads
Wood Beads
Metal Beads

Beading Supplies
Nylon Beading Thread
Super-Lon Monocord Thread
Cotton Polyester Thread
Beading Needles
Leather Sewing Needles
Needle Threader
Thread Conditioner
Bees Wax
Beading Design Paper
Bead and Needle Storage Containers
Beading Looms
Beading Foundation

Sleigh Bells
Brass Cast Sleigh Bells
Fancy Bells
Brass Hawk Bells
Mini-Sleigh Bells
Bell Clips

Bone & Horn
Real Bone Hairpipe
Real Bone Tubes
Ultra-Thin Bone Hairpipe
Fluted Bone Hairpipe
Horn Hairpipe
Plastic Hairpipe - Ivory
Plastic Tubes
Plastic Hairpipe - Colored
Bone Beads
Bone Pendants
Bone Spacers
Leather Choker Spacers
Leather Breastplate Strips
Clothing Patterns
Adult Ribbon Shirt
Child Ribbon Shirt
Plains Buckskin Women's Dress
Men's Breachclout
Plains Moccasin
Women's Jingle Dress
Men's Grass Dance Outfit
Women's Tradecloth Dress
Child's Moccasin
Girl Child's Dress
Girl Child Jingle Dress
Women's Accessories

Craft Glue
Non-Toxic Craft Glue
Super Glue
Thick Gell Super Glue
Contact Cement
Bead Tip Adhesive

Craft Kits
Feather Project Kits
Hand Fan Kits
Fan Handle Blanks
Hairpipe and Bead Project Kits
Pouches & Moccasin Kits
Dream Catcher Kits
Medicine Wheel Kits
Mandella Kits
Beadworking Project Kits
Dance Outfit Project Kits
Cedar Flute Kit
Turtle Shell Rattle Kit
Basket Weaving Kits

Dancer Face Paint
Powwow Face Paint
Black, Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Assorted

Drum Parts & Kits
Hand Drum Kits
Powwow Drum Kit
Drum Rims
Powwow Drum Stand
Drumstick Kits
Drumstick Rods
Drumstick Head Covers
Ready Made Drumsticks

Woven Ribbon
Spool Shawl Fringe
Flat Fringe
Wool Broadcloth
Craft Yarn
Felt Rectangles
Mandella Wool
Bandannas and Scarves

Plumes and Fluffs
Domestic Wing Feathers
Domestic Tail and Body Feathers
Hand Painted Realistic Feathers
Domestic feathers include Turkey, Peacock, Goose, Pheasant

Finished Beadwork
Imported Beaded Rosettes
Fully Beaded Moccasin Tops

Finished Items
Baby Moccasins
Cedar Feather Boxes
Feather and Fan Cases
Finished Hand Drums
Fringed Leather Pouches
Woven Sashes and Garters
Finished Porky Roaches
German Silverwork
German Silver Spreader
German Silver Arm Bands
German Silver Scarf Slides
Sterling Silver Earbob
Leather Necklace Pouch
Strikers and Flint
Primitive Fire Making Kit

Red Corn Fry Bread Mix
Wild Rice
Herbal Tea
Wood Bowl

Furs & Animal Parts
Domestic Rabbit Furs
Sheep and Lamb Fur
Deer Tails
Deer Toes & Dew Claws
Antler Buttons
Turtle Shells
Porcupine Quills
Porcupine Guard Hair
Coyote Claws
Porcupine Claws
Real Backbone Sinew

Herbal Kinniknick
White Sage Dry Leaf
Grey Sage Stalk
White Cedar Dry Leaf
Sweet Grass Braid
Grey Sage Bundle
White Sage Bundle
Northern Sage Bundle
Mini Grey Sage Bundle
Mini White Sage Bundle
White Cedar Fresh Full Branchlets

Hoops & Rings
All Wood Hoops
Bare Metal Hoops

Jewelry Findings
Ear Wires, Clasps and Connectors
Bail Clasp
Crimp Fasteners
Metal Hoops
Cones and Feather Pendants
Necklace Chain
Metal Plated Beads
Metalized Plastic Beads
Liquid Silver Gold Heishi
Stone Beads
Stone Chips and Fans
Stone Pendants
Chipped Arrowheads
Inlaid Pendants & Fetishes
Mother Of Pearl Bird Fetish
Hematine Stringing Beads
Hematine Pendants
Shell Heishi
Block Heishi

Jewelry Wire & Cord
Bonded Bead Cord
Power Pro Bead Thread
Flex-Rite Jewelry Wire
Slick Cord
Stretch Magic
Hemp Cord
Beading, Jewelry Wire
Tanned Hides
Latigo Moccasin Soles
Strap Leather
Leather Spacers
Pre-drilled Breastplate Strips
Leather Lacing
Leather Dye
Leather Sheen
Buckskin Cleaner

Library Books & DVDs
Beadworking Books
Crafting Books
Cultural Books
Crafting DVD Videos
Dance Styles DVD Videos
Culture Education DVD Videos & CD-ROM

Men's Bustle Making Parts
Bustle Back Hangers
Plastic Tape
Bustle Spike Rods
Safety Pins
Eskatuff Vinyl Material

Metal Items
Jingle Cones
Metal Cones
Domed Polished Conchos
Symbol Conchos
Star Conchos
Metal Broaches
Metal Back Mirrors
Brass Thimbles
Buckle Blanks
Barrette Blanks
Key Rings, Brass Tacks
Metal Spots
Silver Polish

Molded Realistic Parts
Realistic Eagle and Hawk Feet
Realistic Claws
Realistic Teeth
Eskatuff Medicine Wheels

Learn Powwow Music
Powwow Compilations
Favorite Drum Groups
Kids Powwow Songs & Lullabies
Flute Music

Note Cards
Megwetch - Thank You
Thank You...All My Relatives
Nookwa Bay Note Cards

Abalone Shells
Abalone Shell Discs
Clam Shell Discs
Cowrie Shells
Dentalium Shells
Clam Shell Wampum

Simulated Sinew
Flat Simulated Sinew
Round Twisted Simulated Sinew
Flat Colored Simulated Sinew

Window Decals
Native Visions Decals
Dancer Decals

Wool & Fleece Blankets
Polar Fleece Blankets
Polar Fleece Baby Blanket
Value Fleece Throws
Pendleton Wool Blankets
Polar Fleece Shoulder Bag

Work Tools & Storage
Rotary Cutting Tool
Jewelry Tools
Leather Punch
Scratch Awl
Leather Stripper
Repair Needle Pack
Bead Design Boards
Storage Boxes
Cone Turning Tools
Bead Tube Tower