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General Description:
We carry a supply of fine wool Pendleton Indian Robe blankets in our store. Supply includes Muchacho Crib Blankets, standard size Robe blankets, Queen size blankets, Twin size Camp Blankets, and some other patterns. Blanket content is 82% pure wool and 18% cotton warp threads by total weight. The Robe blanket and Commemorative size is 64 inches by 80 inches. Call 800-652-7192 for current prices, patterns and colors in stock.

Pendleton Wool Blankets
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Pendletons can not be ordered on line, but are available as an in-store purchase. You can either call us at 800-652-7192, FAX us at 906-789-5619, or go above to our About Us page and e-mail us at sales@nocbay.com