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General Description:
Deer skins are a natural material and every one is a different shape. As a rule of thumb, 10 square foot hides will measure at least 36” top to bottom and about 26 inches of usable width across the center. It will be wider then that at the tail end and shorter at the neck end. Larger than 10 sq. ft. hides usually will be several inches wider through the center, and smaller ones are 24”or less. Another way to compare needs: women’s dresses total 60 to 70 sq. ft. or more, men’s leggings 20 sq. ft. or more, adult moccasins 8 sq ft. or more, women’s leggings 10 sq. ft. or more. There are ways to piece the parts of the pattern to account for the fact that deer skins are irregular shaped. Check our Learning Circle sheets for ideas. Use an awl to mark cutting lines, not a pen.

Planning Your Project
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