Finished Items Special Deer Hair Base Roach   8504

General Description:
We have a special roach which can be made that is a replica of a style made about 1900. Instead of a braided yarn base, the roach base is made of tied deer tail hair, some rows red and the inside rows are white. The longest front porky hair is 7 inches. The deer hair row on the outside of the porky hair is red. Tied to the tail of the roach as a dangle is a 24 inch length of dyed red horse hair. See the photo.

Also available is the carved Elk bone spreader with a single feather holder as seen in the bottom photo. Click on "Amount" to select options. All together this is the style of about 100 years ago.

Special Deer Hair Base Roach
Per roach /$495.00     Per roach and spreader /$590.00

Free shipping in the USA when ordered with the roach and paid in advance with credit card.