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All Wood Hoops - Two Sizes- Noc Bay Trading Company

All Wood Hoops - Two Sizes   8650

General Description:
Now avalable in two diameter sizes. We have had many requests for all-wood hoops, especially from those wanting a natural looking dream catcher and for those in institutions that do not allow metal hoops. We now have designed an excellent natural hoop made of Rattan that can be used for dream catchers and similar projects. The Rattan wood material they are made from will be about 3⁄16 inch thick. They can be used in natural finish as shown, or wrapped with leather or very decoratively with Flat Fringe or ribbon. Plan on slight variations because of the natural material. Diameter size is approximate.

All-Wood Hoops - 5 inch Diameter
Size: 5 inch diameter
Per each /$1.50
 Discount Qty:   10 or more /$1.30

5 inch hoops are in stock now!

All-Wood Hoops - 8 inch Diameter
Size: 8 inch diameter
Per each /$2.25
 Discount Qty:   10 or more /$1.95