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Discount Coupon Code Current Coupons   9401

General Description:
Summer is finally here and it's time to get supplies for those crafts you need for the summer events. This $5 off coupon can be used for all your web orders over $50 up to September 1st.

To enter the discount code in your shopping cart, click on the "Buy" block for that item here on this page below and it will add this notice to your order. The cart will show the value as $0, but it tells us you submitted the coupon.

Your credit card is not charged until we pull the order here and are ready to ship. This discount will be subtracted from your cart order before we charge your credit card. You will see this discount line in the invoice supplied in the package with your order. If you give us an e-mail address, you will see it on the invoice e-mailed to you when we ship.

After shopping you can always return to this page to post the coupons needed. The Discount Coupon Code link is always available at the top of the link bar on the left side of the store pages.

Summer Special
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