Crazy Spirit - Get Crazy With It   9275

General Description:
Crazy Spirit is a Great Lakes area drum whose singers represent 15 Native communities from the US and Canada brought together by a kindred spirit for having fun. Included in this, their third release, are 18 songs all composed by members of the Crazy Crew.Take a look at the titles of these songs that include dance specials, intertribals, and two steps.

Crazy Spirit - Get Crazy With It
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Play List:
1. Internation
2. Intertribal
3. Knee Me
4. Grandest Entry
5. Backyard BBQ
6. Extra Krispy
7. Ye Ol Footslide
8. Slider
9. Kinder
10. Chicken
11. Ups n Downs
12. Parker's Boogy
13. Torne Lorne
14. Andeg Boogy
15. Grilled or Crispy
16. Pawis Says
17. Gimi's Tune
18. Pull Up, Pull Up!