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Midnight Express - Live at Pala- Noc Bay Trading Company

Midnight Express - Live at Pala   9252

General Description:
NEW RELEASE< The Midnite Express Singers are proud to share with you their newest album featuring a great mix of songs for all categories. Recorded live at the Pala Honoring Traditions Powwow in California, sponsored by the Pala Band of Mission Indians. Midnite Express travels from coast to coast bringing their distinct sound from their home in the Great Lakes area. Live at Pala brings you 17 new songs, all but two made by their own singers. Enjoy this latest album from the world champion Midnite Express Drum.

Midnite Express - Live at Pala
Per each /$15.95

Play List:
1. Straight Song
2. Alex Waskahat's Song
3. Straight Song
4. Straight Song
5. Darren "Scuff" Cook's Song
6. Straight Song
7. Straight Song
8. Crow Hop
9. Trick Song
10. Sneak-Up
11. Cayson James McNeely's Song
12. Straight Song
13. Double Beat
14. Straight Song
15. Straight Song
16. Woodland Side Step
17. Chicken Dance